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Title: Borja Valero
Post by: EL CUCHU 19 on Srpanj 11, 2017, 06:00:14 am

Borja Valero


Datum rođenja:12.7.1985.

Mjesto rođenja:Madrid




Bivši igrač podmlatka Reala Madrid,Mallorce,WBA,opet Mallorce,Villareala, i najpoznatiji nam je iz dresa Fiorentine,u dresu viola odigrao je u 5 sezona 212 tekmi i zabio 17 golova i namjestio  44 assista.Ako je Luciano toliko zapeo za njega,onda zna zašto.Dobro došao Borja.  :interflag:
Title: Re: Borja Valero
Post by: EL CUCHU 19 on Srpanj 13, 2017, 05:38:21 am
Presica Borja Valere:

Borja Valero’s press conference in detail


Borja Valero  today was officially unveiled as an Inter player. Here is what he had to say during the press conference:

How important was the fact that Inter wanted you so much? How much is your experience in Italy?
“It was important.  After the recent changes at Fiorentina, I was desperate for something new. Inter has done everything to bring me here and I want to return the favour.”

What convinced you to accept this challenge and leave Florence?
“I would like to be honest, I would never leave Fiorentina, but after those problems the situation was unbearable. Inter is a new adventure I wanted to do, I’m here to do the best.”

Spalletti admires you very much on and off of the field. What’s your view on this?
“It is important that he admires me, it has proved to be very good. I would like to do my best on and off the field, I have so much experience abroad and I think I can be of help for young people too.”

A few days ago you said you would have explained everything, what do you mean?

“My problems with Fiorentina are related to the new leadership. Things weren’t same after that. I couldn’t move on like that.”

What is happening in Fiorentina?
“I do not know, I can only talk about my personal situation. Fiorentina will always be Fiorentina for me.”

Keeping in mind your playing style, would you change something?

“I think it’s tough to explain I like playing football and want to keep doing it for as long as possible. I can play anywhere in Midfield but I like to go forward if given a chance.”

Will Fiorentina welcome you?
“I’ll be looking forward to it and I am hoping for the very best. I think I have given everything I have had in these five years, but I will respect the opinions of everyone as I have always done.”

What do you want to say about Astori?
“He should talk about things he knows, I do not think he knows anything in this case. But in my opinion, I could have stayed in Florence for two years but the situation was unsustainable, I lacked the sense of belonging.”

Would you call Nainggolan to tell him that Rome does not want him anymore?

“I’ll leave this job for the management (laughs, ndr)”.

If Nainggolan arrives, where would you play him?
“He is very strong, there are few like him in Serie A”.

You are considered a key player for your ability to make the team stir up. Your views on that?
“It should be asked to those who has trusted me in these years. I couldn’t run, I wasn’t physically strong but they’ve shown their trust”

When it comes to National Team, did your chances fall short because of the excellence of Spain’s footballers in this era?
“Yes, but I enjoyed it very much. I won the World Cup with Spain and I am pretty much delighted for that.”

What are your expectation here?
“I do not want to put goals, we are just beginning, we have to see how we get together and what to do in the future.”

Have you spoken to Pioli? Why didn’t you join ASRoma?
“I had talked to Pioli but not about Inter. I don’t know frankly if Roma were Interested. I was happy in Fiorentina at that time.”

Do you think Spain is already competitive?
“I think it is. We have very strong players. It is the time to work together and stay up there”

Do you think your pair with Gagliardini will work well?
“It is very early to tell anything. I will work hard for the team but we will have to wait to find the answers.”

Have you told Perisic to stay? What is your experience in playing with him?
“No we didn’t talk anything regarding this. I’ve played against him for once in Champions League and we have talked about that quite a few


Jučer na dan presice Borji je bio i rođendan,pa tako i od mene čestitke . :hapbir:

Title: Re: Borja Valero
Post by: Adnan on Srpanj 13, 2017, 21:18:46 pm
Novi Kharja i Dominic Morfeo drvo po stare dane doso ubrat koji milion
A ko i svakome zelim srecu ...
Title: Odg: Re: Borja Valero
Post by: EL CUCHU 19 on Prosinac 01, 2017, 01:31:59 am
Novi Kharja i Dominic Morfeo drvo po stare dane doso ubrat koji milion
A ko i svakome zelim srecu ...

Mislim da si se "prekombinovao" u svezi Borje, ako će i ubrat',zasluženo je,šteta samo što je u repki imao konkurente poput Xavija i Inieste ,pa se  nije mogao nametnuti... ...


Borja Valero: One of the great football bargains

All Inter fans could do for most of the summer months was watch on as their city rivals AC Milan splashed more than €200 million on new players under new Chinese president Yonghong Li and his group of investors.

The Nerazzurri’s response was to spend €7 million on veteran Spanish midfielder Borja Valero, who arrived on an initial three-year deal from Fiorentina. Suffice to say, the Tuscan side’s loss has most definitely been Luciano Spalletti’s gain.

While the Madrid native is a far cry from some of the superstar names who were linked with a move to the black and blue half of Milan, he has proved to be one of the wisest and most cost-effective signings in the recent history of Italian football.

His versatility has been crucial to Inter’s unbeaten start to the league campaign, which currently leaves them sitting just two points behind leaders Napoli.

The former Villarreal man has proved equally adept in both a deep-lying regista role and more forward-thinking trequartista position, where he has thrived by linking up closely with Serie A’s joint top scorer Mauro Icardi.

That said, when playing alongside fellow new arrival Matías Vecino in the double pivot, he has given the Uruguayan a better platform from which to roam freely into the attacking third.

While it is clear that not all of Spalletti’s wishes were granted during his first mercato in Appiano Gentile, it is obvious Borja was one of those; the two of them are a match made in heaven.

From a tactical perspective, the ex Roma boss has almost exclusively favoured a 4-2-3-1 set up throughout his coaching career. The fact his new recruit can offer so much to the team in several positions within that system makes him ideal to spearhead this new project.

Though Borja is a very different type of player to Radja Nainggolan – less dynamic but arguably more technically gifted – there are parallels to be drawn between Spalletti’s use of them both.

Just as the Belgian’s adaptability was a vital reason why the Giallorossi managed to set a record points total last season – despite finishing second – Borja’s continued presence in Inter’s midfield could help La Beneamata to go one better and secure an unlikely nineteenth Scudetto in the club’s long and illustrious history.

With all that in mind, and despite his advancing years, Borja might just go down as one of the great bargains in a football economy which is, quite frankly, at odds with reality.


Written by Jordan Russell

Title: Odg: Borja Valero
Post by: EL CUCHU 19 on Siječanj 29, 2018, 19:17:06 pm
Skontao sam što je razlog fizićke nemoći ovog meni osobno dragog igrača,naime jedno od imena mu je Iglesias  ;D , ako se ugledao na imenjaka starog Julia,koji je rekao svojevremeno da ako ne mariše triput dnevno da je u banani,onda smo i mi u banani... :awerjjfe:
Title: Odg: Borja Valero
Post by: Adnan on Siječanj 29, 2018, 19:30:44 pm
U banani je inter pd 2010 druze  toliko problema da vise je i uzaludno pisat nisu vise vrjedni pisanja ni paznje  :awerjjfe: